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Kort is a 23 year old young man that is tall, lean, and hung. Towering at 6’4″ tall Kort is about 7% body fat making every muscle visible beneath his pale skin. He demonstrates his flexibility after he gets undressed then sits back to stroke a load from his 8″ dick. If you think his ripped abs look nice now, wait until you see them covered with his cum!


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Mickey Hardwood is a muscular blond with beautiful blue eyes. His body is actually semi hairy but the hair is so light that it barely shows on his chest and abs. It looks like a light coat of fuzz on his legs. While Mickey isn’t overly ripped, he does have some big pecks and a nice abs. If you like guys with big nipples, you’re going to love Mickey.

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I love these hot ripped guys with religious tattoos. Christian Cayden is such a guy! This blond jock has plenty of religious ink scattered across his ripped body. Obviously the laws in Leviticus against tattoos doesn’t bother him. Neither does the sodomy clauses as he takes a giant cock shaped dildo up his ass as he jerks his load onto his own face for an amazing finish to his wet, outdoor jerk off video.


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Alex Drake will get your attention with his classic good looks and come hither eyes. When he takes his shirt off his body begs to be rubbed down with plenty of warm oil. Alex knows that he has a nice body and loves to show it off. He gets naked out by the pool and rubs his dick for our pleasure in his scene at Randy Blue.


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Connor is one of my favorites at FratMen. He loves to get naked and show off. This time around he has a summer tan and has let the hair on his chest remain intact. I think the bit of hair makes him even more sexy. Of course his ripped abs and big dick help too. Connor seems to really enjoy himself as he moves around the apartment naked. We get to see him shower and eventually lie back to shoot his load in this video at FratMen.

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Gaucho has a boyish face and a relatively smooth body as you would expect from an 18 year old Latino jock. His boyishness disappears as he takes his clothes off though. His shoulders, pecs, and abs are ripped. The hairless chest turns to fur as we see his muscular ass and hairy legs. The most noticeable is his fat 8.5 inch uncut cock! Gaucho takes pleasure showing off his monster meat from different views and even holds various items like a tv remote and a banana to show just how big it really is.


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Boyd has beautiful blue eyes that compliment his blond hair nicely. If seeing him clothed doesn’t get your engine revving seeing him naked sure will. His hairless body is defined and ripped. Especially his 6 pack abs. Boyd shaves everything down below for a totally smooth look.  If you like his stomach now, you’ll love to see it covered with his cum when he’s done jerking off!